Atlas Hall

For 40-150 Guests
$250 Deposit Required


For 150-600 Guests
$500 Deposit Required

All events over 500 people or using both Halls will require a $1,000 deposit.

All weddings are also required to provide a down payment due 12 months & 6 months prior to the booked affair date each equal to the amount of $750.00.

Please Note All food, refreshments (non-alcoholic), and any extras used or served at the Northampton Banquet and Event Center with the exception of wedding cakes and cookies must be purchased from the Northampton Banquet and Event Center and the entire bill is subject to sales tax and service charges.

The use of sequins, glitter, confetti and taper candles are strictly forbidden.
All prices in this menu are based on adult plus children (5 years & older). Children 5-12 years of age is $2.00 less

Rules & Regulations

Please Read Carefully

Please Read Your Contract Rules & Regulations Are For Your Protection. General rules and guidelines are as follows: